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Yardley Racing is preparing for the fourth race of the season, May 12th. Andy Nish will be racing in Senior LO206 continuing the chase of his championship; Collin Ruess will be racing in Cadet LO206 looking to continue defending his championship. Marina Yardley will be racing in Senior LO206 also. 

UKC #3 Results: 

Andy Nish had a tough battle in the Sr. LO206 class, he ended up battling for fifth in the main event, creating some exciting racing. Collin Ruess finished the day in a dominant fashion, winning for the fourth time in a row in Cadet LO206 and overcoming race day difficulties. 

Colby Yardley is managing Finish Line Karting with Chase Hadean and Garrett Potter in Biloxi, Mississppi. They are hard at work and breaking ground to get ready for their opening day May 14th. 

Marina Yardley is continuing her partnership with J.R. Smith Coaching to race in the NASA Utah Series. They will be racing a BMW M1 with their first race on May 20th. 

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